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The Rounds publication features interviews with the Rounds artists and in-depth essays which analyses their artwork and practice. Like the exhibition, the book brings together a carefully selected group of young curators, academics, writers and artists to contextualise the work each artist produces and link it to broader theories, contexts and practices in smart and compelling prose.

These essayists - Matthew Giles (writer), Andrew Varano (artist), Jessyca Hutchens (artist and academic), Andrew Nicholls (artist and writer), Gemma Weston (artist and academic), Christina Chau (academic), Katie Lenanton (curator), Andrew Purvis (writer) - have offered unique entry points into the practice of each artist that go beyond the usual descriptive, didactic catalogue essay. They have been given free reign to approach the work of their artists in the best way they see fit, and to engage with them face-to-face in a set of interviews which reveal the personalities behind the artists. Together, the essays and interviews capture a significant moment of Perth art, investigating what makes this influential group of emerging practitioners tick and adding the substance of discourse to Perth's sometimes ephemeral artistic community.

The Rounds publication is designed by new WA design group tonne gramme and features extensive full colour documentation of the Rounds process and the final outcomes of each of the rounds, as well as installation shots of the exhibition at PICA, photographed by esteemed local photographer Traianos Pakioufakis.

The Rounds publication was officially launched at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts on Friday 13 August 2010 by artist, writer and critic Ric Spencer.
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Essayists Christina Chau, Matthew Giles, Jessyca Hutchens, Katie Lenanton, Andrew Nicholls, Andrew Purvis, Andrew Varano, Gemma Weston
Artists Neil Aldum, Rebecca Baumann, Tim Carter, Shannon Lyons, Bennett Miller, Elise/Jurgen, Sarah Rowbottam, George Egerton-Warburton
Editor Matthew Giles
Executive Editor Sarah Rowbottam
Introductory Essay Leigh Robb
Photographer Traianos Pakioufakis
Design tonne gramme