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Neil Aldum's practice favours processes associated with craft and industry. He uses handmade methods with a preference towards materials that embody an inherent strength and utility. Methods and techniques vary in his sculptures between implementing the architectural needs of model-making to delving into textiles and weaving. However, all aim to ask a series of questions of his engagement with the material, usually expressed through meticulous pulling apart and building up again. Through these exercises he aims to question the viewers' idea of physical labour and more specifically the function of the object being reconfigured. The intention is to test the inherent value of a material and maximise its structural potential.

Since graduating from Curtin University of Technology in 2006 with a Bachelor of Arts (Art) Neil has actively been exhibiting sculptural work and developing his art practice. He has exhibited in various shows within Perth, namely at Gallery East, Perth Galleries, Breadbox and Spectrum. In addition to these shows he exhibited at the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra in 2003 as one of the state winners of the annual Sony Foundation Summer Scholarship. More recently he has shown his work at the Melbourne Art Fair 08 and will exhibit there again in 2010.

Neil is currently represented by Gallery East. View website.

Image 1. Prospect and Prospect, Wood, concrete and acrylic, 2008.
Image 2. Unit (foundation), Wood and steel, 2008.